Magnetism is a fundamental force that is essential for life on Earth. PEMF uses pulsing electromagnetic fields to jumpstart and accelerate normal biological cellular reactions.

Very simply, cells contain electrically charged particles called ions that govern all cellular processes. When the body is stressed by illness, competition, environmental factors or age, the cellular membrane that conducts the essential ions in to and out of the cell becomes comprised and is unable to efficiently do its job of managing the transport of these ions. When the PEMF generated by the Respond Systems bed penetrates the body, a magnetic field in motion is created that immediately and positively directly impacts these ions and membrane potential to stimulate them into action. The result is an increase in cellular communication and circulation, a decrease in inflammation and pain and a resulting acceleration of healing.

Canine First Aid and CPR Course


Learn how to respond safely and efficiently if your pet gets sick or injured. Deb Levasseur's class at Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply will teach you everything from prevention to resuscitation techniques like CPR and choking that can save your dog's life. 

Canine First Aid & CPR Class with Deb Levasseur

Sunday, November 19th

at Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply in Summerside

Cost $65

Contact Deb Levasseur to register and pay by email deblevasseur@rogers.com

Susan Marchbank @ The Hairy Kids Inn  
(902) 439-6767

Course Outline:
What's normal for "your" dog?
Learning how to take your dogs own vital signs
How to stop potentially fatal bleeding.
Being prepared for accident Scenes
ABC'S of First Aid
Heat Stroke, dehydration, and Hypothermia
Prevent and treatment for shock
CPR and artificial respiration
Choking and the Heimlich maneuver
Broken bones and when and how to splint for transport
Various wound treatment
DOG BITES and minor wounds
Breaking up dog fights
How to approach an injured dog or dog in severe pain
Urinary and digestive problems
Travelling with dogs
Foot injuries
Bloat risk factors and know how to recognize it
The First Kit
Over the counter medications
Holistic options

Training techniques include:
- instruction
- visual power point presentation
- demonstrations
- hands-on learning
- handouts & booklet
- discussion & Q&A

Dogs do not come to class as we need your full attention. A demo dog will be on hand.

Deb Levasseur has association with MARITIME GREYHOUND ADOPTION PROGRAM & SIGHTHOUND PLACEMENT, but this course is for all breeds. 

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Organic Grain-Free Dog Treats


Here's the Grain-Free Dog Treat recipe I have been using to bake healthy treats with organic ingredients.  We also package doggie bags for visitors. :)


·    1  cup coconut flour

·    ½ cup of ground flax seed

·    1/2 cup peanut butter no added ingredients

·    3 organic eggs

·    1/2 cup coconut oil or Olive oil  

·    1 cup + 2 tbsp sweet potato puree or pumpkin puree or squash**

Optional add-ins

·    2 tsp dried parsley

·    Ground Flaxseed



·  Preheat oven to 350

·  In a mixing bowl combine all ingredients and form dough into a ball

·  Roll out dough in between two sheets of parchment paper*

·  Gently use your desired cookie cutters to cut and lift cookies into ideal shape**

·  Transfer to a lined baking sheet

·  Bake for 12-15 minutes or until cookies are hard

·  Let cool completely before serving

Recipe Notes

·  *If dough is dry, add an additional egg

·  **This recipe also works with unsweetened applesauce

The Hairy Kids Sunroom

The Sunroom is complete!   Just waiting on glass for the winter window frames, and then we'll switch to screens in the summer.  While developing The Hairy Kids Inn, we aimed to create a sanctuary feel, and tried to think of everything for your hairy kid, from a fun activity park, to a ramp to accommodate older dogs, and hide away places to sleep, to comfy places to lounge in the sun and watch outside. The sunroom is a place where owners can relax and watch thier dogs play in the activity park while checking out the inn.  We built a dog door entrance from the deck so our hairy kid guests are free to lounge in the sunroom at anytime, and they also have access from the lounge area that we open up in the house while I am in the kitchen. 

The Hairy Kids Inn is Open for Business!

The Hairy Kids Inn is officially open for business, and we just finished a successful Open House weekend!  We are thankful to have been blessed with such lovely weather, and a consistent flow of visitors for 2 days.  In this post I'd like to thank all that contributed, and share some pictures from the open house, along with a little background on our journey. 

The Hairy Kids Inn was inspired while helping my friend Shirley of Woodleigh Ranch.  Also, earlier in my career I had a fun part time job working at an animal hospital, and we adopted our first “Hairy Kid” from a client of the animal hospital.  Dogs have always been part of our lives from adopting, to finding new homes, to picking up lost or stray dogs on the road, or intercepting one before going to the humane society.  We have owned several canines of which we provided forever homes, over our 30 year marriage.  

Paul and I also owned a successful Bed & Breakfast several years ago.   Then life changed after nursing for 25 years, and The Hairy Kids Inn seemed like the perfect opportunity to embark upon.  My husband Paul embraced the idea, and since April, the planning, studying and creating has resulted in what you are seeing at the Inn today.

The boutique inn will accommodate a maximum of four dogs.  Each will be provided complete, focused and structured attention from intellectual stimulation, exercise, play, TLC and relaxation.   The Inn is also a sanctuary where the owners can relax with their dogs, and enjoy a peaceful setting.

We tried to think of everything for your hairy kid, from hide away sleep places to a fun activity park, a ramp to accommodate older dogs, a comfy window seat for watching outside, a heated fire place, and a therapy bed for arthritic dogs ...

A mountain of gratitude to my Husband Paul, the architect of all the custom furniture, the whimsical dog house, and the activity park for hairy kids, and their owners to relax and explore. He worked tirelessly, enthusiastically, and late nights to finish this amazing project.


We are so grateful to all who helped us create what you see!

The fence was designed and installed by James and his team of Atlantic Fencing.                             

The renovation was done by John Stetson and his team.                                               

The electrical was by Wayne Bernard Electrical and the team.                                                 

Beautiful website and photography by the talented "Virginia Doyle" and her team at GoingOn Media.            

Tops to Floors, Thanks to Linda and Troy for consulting on the Reception counter top, window sills and stonework.                                                               

Pins and Needles (Sylvia and her team) great custom fabric work.                                             

The fine people at Kent, Castle Building Supplies, and Callbecks.                                                        

Sue Humpy of “Splendid” for the artistic handmade delicious Chocolates.                                                     

Justin Drummond talented artwork  from JN Carvings for the custom tree carving , fox carving and treehouse carving.                                            

 Rona Burt, for the window coverings and dog duvet.                                                   

Shirley of Woodleigh Ranch for her mentorship. (Thank you so much)                                 

Brent Drummond of Rogers Electrical, we love our lights!!                                                        

Dan’s Muffler and Decals for our beautiful signs and wall talk.

Grafton Cole for the great cement work.

House of Excellence (Summerside). Louise and Eric for their superior paint expertise.

Penny Coughlin , for your direction and support with my business plan and business transition.

Justin Perry of Sites and Bites for the installation of our Smart TV, and GPS consultation.

J&L Concrete  for the beautiful concrete dogs, bird baths and walking stones

Special thanks to my mother in law Nancy, Manon, Jorden Cameron of Eathship PEI, and Jacinta Ramsay who came out to help with painting, gardening, cleaning and furniture assembling and carpentry to help prepare for our open house.  They are amazing and we are very grateful. 

Thank you all, 

Susan Marchbank

Meet Lilly!


Hi!  My name is Lilly and I am the resident dog here at The Hairy Kids Inn. As you can see from my beautiful gold fur, I am a Golden Retriever!  I am 6 years old now, but I moved in with my parents when I was just a puppy!  I absolutely LOVE people, especially kids. I am super playful and love to run, thankfully my parents have a huge yard for me to run and play in, and I always know I am safe because of the awesome fence they put in!  When I am not running around in the yard, I love to de-stuff all my toys and get the squeaky parts.  I love to chase squirrels too, but they're always too fast for me, which is probably a good thing!  I try really hard to be a good girl so I can get some apples, they are my favorite treat!  I can't wait to meet you and your parents when you come stay at our Inn!