“NOT accepting any New clients till September 2020”

At The Hairy Kids Inn, "It's a dog's happy life !" safety, fun, comfort and luxury are the top priorities. Your dog will have the time of their lives in our exclusive boutique dog boarding inn.


Dog Care Services

  • Meals – We provide what your dog is accustomed to at home, or any custom diet your dog may require . Food will be provided by owner or prepared at the inn. Healthy grain free /gluten free gourmet meatloaf  kibble topper and treats provided by the Inn. Gourmet Kongs also provided

  • Wellness – We ensure your dog is always in tip-top shape by performing nose to tail wellness inspections daily. The inn provides a daily licky mat with plain Greek yogurt and hemp oil as well as raw bones for your pets gut health as long as agreed by owners.

  • TLC – Always feel comfortable knowing your dog is getting love and affection. We always treat your pet as one of our own, providing lots of snuggles, patting, and general TLC

  • Play Time – Your dog will keep active in the 10,000  square foot secure supervised indoor and outdoor interactive activity green park , providing a half acre of running and play space for your fur baby to run free, listen and interact with nature surrounded by secure six foot high buried fencing.

  • Quench the thirst – We always provide fresh country ,clean drinking well water, 24/7. We offer stainless steel or  glass water dishes, to suit your preference

  • Luxury Comfort – Our Inn provides the ultimate in canine comfort. Your Fur baby will enjoy luxury beds, fireplace, temperature controlled floors, night lights, a leather sofa, window seats, a therapeutic bed and an interactive activity park to be free to play, sniff and explore as dogs were intended to :-)

  • Additional Luxury Services – We offer additional services including aromatherapy, PEMF therapy bed, GPS tracking device,dog yoga,  senior dog care, pawdacure, massage  and custom individual play-time, basic training  as well as attending to special or medical requirements. The Inn will only accommodate 3- 4 dogs at time.  Nail Care, medical requirements, or specialty food preparation  will be an additional cost.



$68 overnight rates ( minimum stay 2 nights) $80 overnight on weekends
$60 activity day on weekday /$65 (Weekends/holidays)

1 week vacation $450 off season 1 week vacation $500 Summer and holidays 1 month booking will be based on $65 per night.

Holidays, weekends, long weekends, and Peak Seasons premium pricing will apply from $80-100 per night .Main holidays $100 dollar pricing will apply.

Preferred payment by  e-transfer or cash 

Payment of 50% is required at booking time for extended stays and will not be refunded for cancellations less the 7 days.  A site visit is required before booking.

All Hairy kids  must be up to date on all Vaccinations including Bordetella (Kennel cough) or have Titer levels confirmed before visiting the Inn. A vaccine and health  certificate must also be provided confirming updated Vaccines before staying at the inn.  The Inn will not be able to accommodate intact pets over 1 year old unless special arrangements can be made. Nails and fur around the feet  that require trimming for safety reasons will be done at the inn for $10 -$15.   Your Hairy kid  will not be able to stay if vaccine documents are not provided.

Contact Susan to arrange a site visit for you and your "Hairy Kid "or for questions you may have. 

Looking forward to meeting your Hairy Kid and  and your Family. :-)

  • Currently not accepting any new clients for until September 2020



We are fully covered with PROfur Insurance. 


Registration Forms

Please print, and fill out the following forms prior to your visit. 

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