Canine First Aid and CPR Course


Learn how to respond safely and efficiently if your pet gets sick or injured. Deb Levasseur's class at Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply will teach you everything from prevention to resuscitation techniques like CPR and choking that can save your dog's life. 

Canine First Aid & CPR Class with Deb Levasseur

Sunday, November 19th

at Sunnybrook Farms Pet Supply in Summerside

Cost $65

Contact Deb Levasseur to register and pay by email

Susan Marchbank @ The Hairy Kids Inn  
(902) 439-6767

Course Outline:
What's normal for "your" dog?
Learning how to take your dogs own vital signs
How to stop potentially fatal bleeding.
Being prepared for accident Scenes
ABC'S of First Aid
Heat Stroke, dehydration, and Hypothermia
Prevent and treatment for shock
CPR and artificial respiration
Choking and the Heimlich maneuver
Broken bones and when and how to splint for transport
Various wound treatment
DOG BITES and minor wounds
Breaking up dog fights
How to approach an injured dog or dog in severe pain
Urinary and digestive problems
Travelling with dogs
Foot injuries
Bloat risk factors and know how to recognize it
The First Kit
Over the counter medications
Holistic options

Training techniques include:
- instruction
- visual power point presentation
- demonstrations
- hands-on learning
- handouts & booklet
- discussion & Q&A

Dogs do not come to class as we need your full attention. A demo dog will be on hand.

Deb Levasseur has association with MARITIME GREYHOUND ADOPTION PROGRAM & SIGHTHOUND PLACEMENT, but this course is for all breeds. 

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