Meet Lilly!


Hi!  My name is Lilly and I am the resident dog here at The Hairy Kids Inn. As you can see from my beautiful gold fur, I am a Golden Retriever!  I am 6 years old now, but I moved in with my parents when I was just a puppy!  I absolutely LOVE people, especially kids. I am super playful and love to run, thankfully my parents have a huge yard for me to run and play in, and I always know I am safe because of the awesome fence they put in!  When I am not running around in the yard, I love to de-stuff all my toys and get the squeaky parts.  I love to chase squirrels too, but they're always too fast for me, which is probably a good thing!  I try really hard to be a good girl so I can get some apples, they are my favorite treat!  I can't wait to meet you and your parents when you come stay at our Inn!