What do you do if a dog needs to see a vet? 

A dog who requires serious immediate care will go to either the Summerside Animal Hospital or the Kensington Vet Clinic which are 8 minutes away.  For less serious issues the owner will be consulted and arrangements will be made for the pet to be seen by its own vet.


Are you equipped to handle medical needs, such as giving pills and/or needles?

Yes, we are fully trained and qualified to administer medicine to your pet.  Susan is a Registered Nurse and has certifications in specialties such as Canine CPR & First Aird, and Canine Behavioural Training. 


What happens if my dog does not get along with another dog boarding at the Inn?

We recommend you and your dog visit to check out the Inn facilities and see if it is a fit for your dog.  If your dog does not get along with other dogs and shows aggression during the visit, the inn will not be the best place for your hairy kid.


My dog is not good around children, are there children present at the Inn?

There are no children at the Inn, and we are completely adult run and fully insured.


Are the dogs ever left alone?

There is someone at the Inn at all times, and accommodation will be made for dogs who do not like to be left alone at night. 


Is the Inn just for dogs?

The Inn is for dogs, however we do have an Airbnb apartment called Candlewood Cottage where owners who travel with their dogs can have a place to accommodate their  hairy kids  while they vacation on beautiful PEI.


What are the specialized and additional services you offer?

Structured play environment

GPS collar trackers

Total foot care ( nail care and hair trimming)

Tailored individual care

Bio-Pulse PEMF Bed

Long and Short term stays